Biking leads to Big Idea

Today was a fresh of breath air for me.  It's been so gloomy, rainy and cold here in Portland.  It's been difficult to ride my bike (and run too!)  I have to change my schedule around to ride while it's nice out.  Of course 'they' are calling for rain tomorrow, so I rode today while the sun was a'shining!

I wasn't worried about the "work-out" aspect of my ride because I am on my recovery week.  I just wanted to go out for an hour and enjoy the sun beams.  I found out where the Rock Creek path takes me... it leads to a nice little park, Orchard Park.  There were people out playing Frisbee Golf.  As I rode around the park I came up with a brilliant idea....

(By the way what I am about to say has NOTHING to do with a Triathlon or training what-so-ever.)  So David and I have decided to take charge of our debt and...well... get rid of it.  I figured out a plan to pay everything off, including my school loan.  We will be debt free come Nov. 2013.  (And then we'll take a trip to Italy)

So my idea?  Well I know myself and I will get bored very easily with this idea of doing nothing for two years so that we can pay off our debt.  So as I was riding my bike I thought about getting a chalk board and instead of writing all or our big dreams or our bucket list in life (which the only thing on our bucket list right now is to pay off the debt) I would write down all the activities we can do for free, or pretty much free with the exception of some gas money or a few dollars.

ABC Debt Free!  That's the title of my "project" for lack of better things to call it.  And I will list all the things we can do in alphabetical order... like "Bike" for 'B' and "Phase 10" for 'P' and "Se..." well you get the picture.  ;)  If you have any grand ideas for any letter of the alphabet.... please share them!

I already know that 'R' will be "Running" and one of our 'S''s will be "Swimming" to continue my triathlon training... even after June 11.  I'm thinking I could squeeze one more triathlon into this summer, maybe the all woman's triathlon in August.  That is, of course, if our budget allows it.  :)

Well here's to sun, biking, big ideas and being debt free... and Italy!  Cheers.

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