Week 5

Well I am officially a quarter of the way done with my training.  That means I only have 8 more weeks until the triathlon.

Last week was a recover week.  Although it wasn't necessarily "easy."  Both bike rides were good (you'll have to check the previous post to find out about one of my rides.)  The second ride, on Saturday I rode for about 1hr and 15 mins.  I am loving the Banks-Vernonia trail.  My run was good, I only did one run last week but it was the farthest and longest I've ran.  I ran 3.33 miles.  (I thought 3.33 was a fun number to stop on.)  I found a new trail to run on right by my house, the Rock Creek trail.  It's perfect and I am looking forward to running on it again this week.  Both swims were good as well including my 1,000 yard time trial on Friday.  I swam it a little faster than I thought I would, so that's good.  It took me 15:15 to complete all 40 laps.

So we're back at again for Week 5.  Today I will bike to the pool and get about 1,600 yards in.  So I guess I better get a move on!

Week 5:

Monday | Swim: 1,600 yards (main set 20x50's)
Tuesday | Run: 50 Minutes
Wednesday | Bike: 60 Minutes
Thursday | Run: 40 Minutes
Friday | Swim: 1,900 yards (main set 15x100's)
Saturday | Bike: 90 Minutes

Keep Training,

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