It's Official.

Well about a month ago  I officially signed up for the triathlon I'll be competing in.  As of tomorrow I have exactly 12 weeks until my triathlon at Blue Lake in Fairview, OR.  It's official.

I decided to go with a 12-week training guide to prepare myself for my first tri.  The book that I am using (The Complete Triathletes Training Manual) has an 8-week training guide for a beginner's first sprint triathlon.  Which, since I am a beginner, I should probably go off that guide.  Believe it of not it seemed to "easy" for me, at least with the swimming and biking.  I mean after all, I am doing this for the challenge. The 12-week'er has me running for over 90 minutes towards the end, I highly doubt I will be doing that.  So I am going to follow the 12-week guide for an Olympic Triathlon (I'm doing a Sprint) but I will change the running days.

I am looking forward to this training.  I need something like this to help keep me motivated and on track.  (Encouragement from you will also help, so leave comments to help keep my butt moving!)  I'm a little nervous at the commitment level I have picked.  I will work out 6 times a week, leaving one day to rest. Phew!  I haven't done that since I was a competitive swimmer.  I will try to post every week at the beginning to let you know what I am up for and hopefully again at the end of the week to let you know I survived.

So for my first week that I will start either on Sunday or Monday (I have to look at how the ol' schedule will play out.)  This is what I will be doing:

Monday- Run 20 minutes (keep in mind, I lowered the running it was 30 minutes)
Tuesday- Swim 1300 yards (main set 2x400's)
Wednesday- Bike 60 minutes
Thursday- Swim 1100 yards (main set 15x50's)
Friday- Run 21 minutes (7 mins easy, 7 mins brisk, 7 mins easy)
Saturday- Bike 60 minutes
Sunday- REST!

This weekend I am purchasing a road bike. Nothing like waiting to the last minute.  So hopefully I find a good one that will fit me and my needs.  Yay for bike shopping!

Keep Training,

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