Spinning, Weights and Ice Cream

Wow.  It's been a really long time since I have updated everyone on how my training is going.  I would apologize, but I really don't think anyone wants a weekly update on how the gym is treating me during these winter months.

...But a monthly update, maybe.  So the gym is treating me well. :)  Actually I am proud to say that the three goals I mentioned earlier are working out.  I am officially practicing/training for all three sports now.  I've been either swimming at the gym or I'll get in the pool before I coach the Sunset High School swim practice. I am trying to run at least twice a week.  I've been using the treadmill for the most part, but with the warmer weather this last week or so I've ran the last three times outside.  Every time I take more than a couple of days off (dang holidays!) I have to re-build my running for some reason.  Tonight I ran two miles again so I am hoping to keep that up and then build to the actual 3 miles I need to be at.

My latest and greatest activity is the spinning class, or LA Fitness just simply calls it "Cycle."  I love it!  After my butt adjusted to being sore of course.  I have been trying to go to the cycle class at least twice a week... and sometimes I throw a third "class" in on my own time.  Definitely my favorite part of the training for now.

Yesterday I added yet another component to the training- weights!  I have never been into weight lifting.  During my years of competitive swimming I was always too tight and muscular to do weight lifting, I had to stretch instead.  So this will take some motivation, dedication and discipline on my behalf.  (What doesn't?)  Hopefully I can keep it up and get use to the fact that I'll be sore... a lot!

As far as eating goes... well let's just say I eat tons of salads, fruit, veggies, whole wheat pasta and English muffins, low-fat yogurt and leaner meats.  I also eat ice cream, bread, more bread and more ice cream.  I am happy that all the cookies and box of chocolates are gone from the holidays- one less temptation I have to fight.  Psh, there is no fight.  They call out to me- and I cave within in seconds.  Owell.  Hopefully I'll find that nice balance soon.

One last thing- I have decided on an actual triathlon.  I will be competing in the Blue Lake Sprint Triathlon in Fairbanks, OR on June 11th.  Anyone want to be my sponsor and donate the $80 sign-up fee?  :)

Keep Training,

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