Training, Week 2

Well my first official week of triathlon training was a success.  My body is not wasted, in fact it's not even sore really.  Of course that could mean that I didn't push myself hard enough.  So we'll aim to be a little sore this week.  :)

I bought my road bike (and all the necessary accessories) at REI.  My first time (ever) riding a road bike with pedals was on Wednesday.  It was interesting.  David came with me and we fixed a few things with the pedals and bike seat arrangement.  So on Saturday, when I rode again, everything seemed to fit great.  And I am getting pretty good at getting into and out of my pedals.

Swimming was just fine- I think I swam around 1100+ yards on both days and it felt good.  Running...well running was running.  My weakest link.  However the first run was on a treadmill to make sure my lower back was okay and it held up like a pro.  Then on Thursday I ran outside for 2 miles and my back was great.  Hopefully my backs stays where it is and doesn't cause me grief.

I feel like it was almost a "warm-up" week to prepare myself on working out 6 times a week, figuring out my schedule, learning how to ride the bike and figuring out my back issues.  This week, week 2, I think I'll step it up a little bit.  This week's schedule...

Monday= Swim: 4 x100's easy, 20x50's race pace, 4x50's easy
Tuesday= Run: 30 minutes (My goal is to run 2.5 miles since I ran 2 miles both days last week)
Wednesday= Bike: 1 hour (5 mins. easy than steady with 15-sec hard bursts every 5 mins.)
Thursday= Run: 30 minutes (again my goal is 2.5 miles)
Friday= Swim: 200 easy, 15x100's race effort, 4x25's easy
Saturday=Bike: 90 minutes (easy-to-steady)
Sunday= REST!

Keep Training,

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