Three Goals

WoW.  It's almost been a month since I last wrote something.  I guess training in the gym is not that exciting.  The scenery is the same... the treadmill and the stationary bike have the same view.  The good news is that I haven't fallen off completely- I am still running on the treadmill around 2-2.5 miles and I am biking about 8-9 miles.  I also have been attending 1-2 yoga classes a week.

I always feel more motivated at the beginning of the week.  Monday I hit up yoga and then go work out, Tuesday I typically hit the gym followed by at least yoga on Wednesday and a possible work out as well... then Thursday starts the downward plunge into the weekend where sometimes I don't make at all.  (I did make it last Saturday- go me.)

What I need to do is get into a routine.  Uh, just saying routine makes me cringe.  But I think between running, biking, swimming, yoga and a cycle class or two I can mix things up enough to keep it interesting.   I'll think of a routine- maybe if I post it on here it will help keep me accountable.

And, for the 10-billionth time, I need to work on my eating habits again.  *Sigh*    Seriously- what is my problem with ice cream?   I like how I am stating that I need to create better eating habits the day before Thanksgiving.

Okay.  After this weekend, because let's face it, it's Thanksgiving and I will be out of town... I am putting three goals into action starting 9.29.

1. Add Swimming!!!
2. Plan a routine and stick with it!
3. Count Calories!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and that they forget about whatever diet/exercise regime they are on for one day to give thanks for the fact that we have some AWESOME food in this world.  :)

Keep Training,

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