Back to the Gym

I'm not saying that were never going to see the sun here in Portland for the next 4-5 months, but I can officially say that summer and Indian summer are officially over.  The colder, wetter weather has set in.  So what does that do for my work outs?  Well, for now they are simply moved in doors.

I came down with a cold already- I thought it was a bit early, but hey maybe this will be it and I won't suffer through the ol' sinus infection this year.  With the cold, change of weather and um... aunt flow visiting... I definitely lost motivation.  (That's really all this blog is about to tell you how I lost motivation and then to tell you how I found it again and then to tell you how it's holding up and then to tell you again that I lost it... and start vicious cycle over again.)

Almost an entire week went by before I decided to get my bum off the couch, eh probably more like the computer desk chair.  I ran outside last Thursday... actually I think I ran down to the grocery store, bought myself some Thyme and then ran home.  And then...nothing.  I got sick, I debated for about 4 days whether it's good to work out while your sick (a.k.a my excuse) and then I decided...it's time for the GYM.

So I set my alarm Monday morning for a yoga glass, I thought I would start off easy.  Snoozed right on past that puppy.  Tuesday came around and I set my alarm for the cycle class (which I might add was an hour later than yoga) I snoozed right on through that one too.

Finally on Wednesday, after dancing around the idea in my work out clothes for about an hour, I finally headed back to the gym.  I got a gym membership awhile back at LA Fitness.  I froze my account during August, September and October because I was running and biking outside.  On Wednesday the gym doors opened up again and so did the monthly bill cycle. I plan on using the gym now during the winter and of course the gym has the beloved swimming pool where I will train for the swimming part of my tri.

So I ran on the treadmill on Wednesday, two miles.  And then today I biked about 8.5 miles on the stationary cycle.  It felt good to be back, even if I am still fighting a cold.

It's a change of pace, which is always motivating to me- gotta keep things interesting.  All the other people at the gym are a lot more fit and slim- also motivating.  I could not read my magazine while on the open road riding, in the gym I can.  And let's not forget... I pay a monthly fee to use that place, if that's not motivation than I don't know what is.  I'm back baby- gym style!

Keep Training,

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