For Now...

I have a feeling that if I was going to write a lot tonight (well like a few paragraphs worth) that it would mostly be complaining.  I don't think complaining is what others want to read nor is probably good for me to dwell on.  So instead I'll say two quick things that are in the "complaint" section: 1. My bike sucks. and 2. Every-other time I run it's horrible and it hurts.  (Hey at least it's not every time.)

I will say that I did ride 9 miles (straight) today on my bike. And there were a few hills involved too.  I took the old two wheels down West Union to Jackson School Rd. and then I rode down that road a little bit as well.  I am very blessed to have a bike and have an area right out my back door that is beautiful to ride- nice country roads.  Plus we are having AWESOME Fall weather right now.  ...Just give that a week and I'll probably list the rain and cold as my third complaint.  :)

For now I guess I can just say that I am sticking with the training.  I probably could be a little more hard-core about it, I am hoping that kicks in when I am about 10-12 weeks away from the actual triathlon.  For now I am biking and running and I guess for now that is all I need to do.

Keep Training,

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