Well I have pedaled my way around town a few times now.  I am getting acclimated to the ol' biking world and realizing how out of shape I am for biking.  Geesh, running was bad, biking is bad... Thank God I know how to swim.

So today I actually biked a whole 9 miles.  Not all together, but I did accomplish 9 miles.  The first part of my ride was the longer part I did about 7 miles and then I stopped into the grocery store picked myself up a few things to make a lil' panini for dinner and then biked another 2 miles home.

My butt and legs will probably be sore tomorrow.  My wrists spent the morning clicking on a mouse (editing photos and what not) and then they took a "breather" only to cling to bike handles.  My hands went numb (especially the right which is the mouse-clicker-hand).  I've heard that investing in some biking gloves will *fingers crossed* solve that problem.

Bigger problems to solve... fixing the bike so that the gears actually shift, lubing the bike and investing in some pedals and shoes.  Ah, expenses, expenses.  The price you pay for being a sad little first timer.

Keep Training,

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Jennifer said...

I think the Banks/Vernonia trail is open or just about open if you ever want to come out here for a ride. I take Josie sometimes on the back of my bike and we can do around 10 miles with you!