Bring on the Bike

Okay, I'm pretty much back on track.  Well I ran 2 miles twice.  2x2!  Anyway... I say "pretty much" because it still hurt.  Before I left for vacation I was feeling pretty good.  Running will never be "easy" for me.  Part of my problem is my flexibility, it's awful!  That is what hurt me the last two times my poor legs were killing me.  I did some extra stretching after the second two mile run so hopefully that will help for tomorrow's run.  Running, *sigh*

I did... GET ON MY BIKE!  I took it down from the rafters, pumped up the tires (or, eh, asked my awesome neighbor to do with his automatic air pump, he had it done in two seconds) and I took the bike out on the pavement and actually used the pedals!  I even wore my new biking shorts.  Okay so I am way out of shape for biking too, ugh.  Thank God I can get in the water and pull 800 yards out of my butt because if I was totally out of shape for all three I would have my work cut out for me (even more so!).  Anyway, I biked...a whole...4 miles!  HA!  I rode my bike down to Fred Meyers, bought some socks, and rode back.  So I definitely have a lot of progress to make with biking... but at least the bike is not hanging in my garage now and hopefully this is just the start of my biking experience.

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Mrs. Lindsay Stark said...

Go Aubs! That is awesome. Try some yoga for flexibility, I'll go with you! Keep it up, can't wait to see you in your tri next year!! Woo!