Still Running

I realized that I never posted anything after my "Where's my Motivation?" blog post.  I just wanted to quickly say that I am still running.  I have a few ups and downs but for the most part I run 2-2.5 miles every other day or so.  I "was" getting faster until I had a lil vacation.  In fact one run I lowered my mile pace to like 10:30 which so far is my fastest pace.

I just returned from my week vacation in Indiana.  I ran the Tuesday morning I left followed by a run Thursday down good ol' Clover Rd.  Then.... ummm... well I guess vacation got in the way and I didn't hit the pavement until I came home.  So today was my first run back after taking 5 days off.  I'm not going to lie- my legs felt a little more like lead than flesh and bones. I told myself to just get out and run- do the best I can today and I'll get back to running 2.5 miles again in no time.  I managed to run a little over 1.5 miles.  So I think tomorrow I'll build it back up to 2 miles and then increase again from there.

My plan at the moment is to figure out how long of a run it is to my pool and start running and swimming.  My draw back at the moment is that if I run to the pool than how do I get back home?  I am sure after some training I could probably run back home... but my problem there is it's a little time consuming.  That's a chunk out of your day- right?  So we'll see if that idea pans out or not.  Maybe I'll ride my bike instead and then throw in some running days.  I definitely need to add one or the other into my exercise routine.

Keep Training,

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