Where's My Motivation?

Did I lose my motivation to run already?  I did not run Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday... oops.  The first two days were a breather as I allowed my legs to get back to normal.  Wednesday I basically didn't feel like running when it was 93.  This morning I got up and decided to run before work.  Ouch!  I have already learned that taking 3 days off is not a good thing... but I felt like I had no motivation to run either.  I don't know if it was because my 5k run is done or because I tried to run with out music, or because I felt sorry for my dog and decided to take him along (still a pain to run with- and took a poop within the first 2 minutes of running) or maybe my legs and body really did hurt and I just wasn't feeling it. ???  I don't know what my problem was but I didn't even run a mile- maybe the combination of my run/walk equaled mile.  Sad.

So I have to fix this little problem.  I think the stretching and just getting back to running today will help my legs and body feel better for my next run.  I will not bring the dog with me, sorry Lukah.  I'll have to create some other moments to be "alone with my thoughts"... I'll leave that for when I swim or bike.  But running?  Music is a MUST!  Plus I think I will sign up for another 5k run for my motivation.  I found one in October in Portland, "Run Like Hell." It sounds like a fun run with it's Halloween theme.  

There.  Problems solved.  Oh- and I know of some big sales going on this weekend for bike stuff.  Maybe I'll find a pair of riding shorts and get on that bike of mine.

Keep Training,

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