5k- Check. What's next?

Well, I did it.  I completed my first 5k run.  In hind sight, after watching Daniel cross the finish line after his first triathlon, running a 5k is not all that hard.  I told someone after the run that it's easier than a 200 butterfly or 400 IM race- for sure!

I am happy to know that the last part of the triathlon leg is doable- I can run 3.1 miles.  Now can I run after swimming and biking?  Well, I guess we'll find out.  (Of course I CAN! It just takes training.)

Oh- a few race details...  The start was very sudden.  I did not have my headphones on or my "imapmyrun" application going.  So in the beginning of the race I was running and trying to put my headphones on and play with my iphone.  All to say that I did not correctly record my 5k run.  I finally figured out how to look at my time last night and realized that I did not finish the race in 32 minutes... I finished it in about 38 minutes, I think.  I guess for my first run it doesn't really matter... I ran the entire way (even the lovely zig-zag up hill and stairs part), I did not stop and I finished it.  We'll work on running a tad bit faster later.  There were a lot of people around me that did walk a few times... so I was just happy that I kept running.

Couch-to-5k, completed!  Onward...

What's next?  Well, I have to keep running.  This isn't like a... check, I'm done- sort of thing.  I have to add either swimming or biking into the mix now.  My first idea was to add the biking because the swimming part will be easiest for me to train.  However I am really at a loss with my bike right now.  I have a mountain bike, not a road bike.  I have a helmet.  That's it.  I realize I can start to train with a mountain bike.  I also realize that eventually (and I am sure the eventually will sneak up on me very fast) I will need bike shorts, gloves, road bike wheels, pedals and shoes... plus I need to teach myself how to change a tire, etc.  Well if I was a millionaire none of this would be a problem but I am guessing all that I just listed will cost a pretty penny.  So I have started an envelope (I stash cash into envelopes, that's my savings plan) for my "bike."  We'll see how fast that accumulates.

So- do I get back into the water?  Do I start training with just my mountain bike?  Should I sign up for another 5k run so that I keep running?  Maybe I should find a bike race to sign up for?

I don't know what to do next... but I'll figure it out and let ya'll know.  :)

In the mean time at least I'll... Keep Training,

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Loraena said...

congrats, aubrie! that's awesome!