What's up with Side Aches?

Well, I missed my run today.  No harm, I guess.  I just really wanted to keep an every other day pattern going through August.  I am glad to see that lasted one day- since it's only August 2nd.  I will say that it was not due to lack of motivation- I wanted to run.  But life... {like sleeping in a few extra minutes, cramming dishes, invoices, CD labels, and camping spots in all before leaving for work and then after work running to the grocery store, cooking dinner and having a dear friend (who broke her ankle) over for food and card games} can just catch up with you sometimes.  Which, I think, is okay.

I did find a helpful article on side cramps though.  I thought my right side was falling apart, but side aches are typically on the right side- who knew?!  I was pleased to see at the end of the article that the "coach" is from Portland, Oregon!  You can read the article here.

Hitting the trail tomorrow morning before work- no excuses!

Keep Training,

PS. Eating Healthy Again (day 1) was a semi-success.  Life Cereal isn't horrible, right? Work will kill me every time though.  Somebody made fresh pasta salad and sampled it at work...and a breadstick snuck in there!  Ugh!  But for dinner I had grilled chicken and a salad with cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.  You won't believe this... I did not have ice cream for dessert!!  I made a fruit salad instead with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries!  

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