Healthy Eating... Again? X 20!

I actually have an exercise plan that is working.  I have an exercise goal... a lot of mini goals leading up to one big goal.  I'm pretty excited about running and looking forward to whipping my butt into shape.  Exercise has always been the easier part of being healthy for me.  We all know what the second half of the equation is- food!  Eating healthy is not easy for me.

I make it sound like I sit around and eat Twinkies and hot dogs all day.  Actually I love fruits and veggies, I eat a lot of chicken and lean meat like venison.  I always buy whole wheat bread and skim milk.  So what is the problem?  Well I'm a big fan of dessert- especially ice cream.  It would not be a lie if I said I eat ice cream almost every night.  My portions are, I am assuming, not correct.  I love bread.  And... well I get odd cravings from time to time and do not deny myself the satisfaction of meeting those cravings...like Kraft Mac n Cheese.

If you know me- you know what I look like and I am pretty top heavy.  I have the Huddleston stomach or lovely muffin top.  And I am on the larger end of things in the bra department.  I can actually see that it's too much weight for my lil knees to carry when I am running.  They are sore and tired when I am done and I am guessing it's from lugging the top half around.

So I need to lose weight.  In order for me to loose weight- running 2.12 miles (and increasing) every other day is not cutting it.  I know it will get easier if I eat healthier and lose weight.  So here we go AGAIN for like the bazillionth time.  I need to get back to counting the calories and actually staying away from ice cream and macaroni and cheese.

I need my husband to join the frenzy.  It's hard to eat apples at night while your husband scarfs down chocolate peanut butter ice cream (my personal favorite.)  I am the woman of the house- I do make the menu, the grocery list and pack his lunches.  So I guess if I don't give him an option than he'll just be forced into eating healthy too.  ...Although he did go to the store tonight and he bought (what else?) ice cream and carmel topping!  AHHHHH!!

Here is a quick article on healthy eating.  Wish me luck!

Keep Training,


Genevieve said...

I love the new blog Aubrie. I have been feeling the same way about food lately. I don't eat a lot of junk but I could be doing better.

{B} said...

I love it too!

I thought you were lookin' skinny at church on sunday! ;-)

I totally need to join you!