3.1 Miles!

Woo Hoo!  Today I officially completed 3.10 miles, which of course is the length of a 5k.  I actually was surprised that I finished in 32 minutes (and some odd seconds).  I figured from my other timed runs that it would be more like 38-40 minutes.  I kept looking at iMapMyRun to make sure it was functioning properly, it seemed like it was right.  I feel extremely relieved that I hit the mark before the actual race.  I was scared that I was not going to get up to 3 miles.  But hey- we are t-minus 17 days and running strong baby!  I guess I won't die at the finish line.

Today I ran the Vernonia-Banks Trail.  It's a great trail... flat, quiet and beautiful!  I will actually use this trail a lot for the bike training, especially in the beginning.  So I am sure this will not be the first and last time my feet hit that trail.  I'm still training my ears and coming up with the perfect mix to run to.  The Eclipse Soundtrack was great to run to and I have a feeling a few songs will make the final cut.

The Side Ache article I posted in my last entry helped me with my problem-o.  I am trying to figure out if eating/drinking is affecting the aches or not.  I am also trying to breath in through my belly.  I did not get a horrid side ache today.  My right foot is still falling asleep on me though and today I couldn't shake it.  Usually I can wake the ol' foot up but it wanted to sleep.  It's the strangest feeling running when your foot is snoozing.  It's not comfortable and I want to fix it ASAP!  So I guess I am going to have to do some searching to see why my foot is not cooperating.

Healthy Eating is still a go-go.  I'm not perfect nor am I trying to be.  I will say that I had to walk past Coldstone Creamery like 5 times yesterday.  I paused and was very, very tempted to get a scoop.  I was strong and decided to get an Odwalla Chocolate Protein shake instead.  (A lot less calories and a lot more "good stuff" for you like vitamins, minerals and...protein.)  This weekend will be tough.  Saturday I am photographing a wedding, which means I eat whatever meal is provided.  Typically it's good, just not good for you.  Sunday-Monday I will be camping and rafting.  Hopefully the rafting will burn off the hot dogs and smores.  ;)

Here is a fun photo of my tennis shoes- my new running kicks!  It's more of an artsy-fartsy shot than it is to show you what the shoes look like.  I'm a photographer- you'll have to excuse me.

Keep Training,

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