Still Running

Well, a lot has changed since I first posted the idea of training for my first sprint triathlon.  For starters, as you can see, I changed my blog.  I know myself well and if I am not held accountable my crazy dreams (like this one) will slip away to a pile of unfinished goals I keep stacked under my bed.  So- I have informed people of my goal, I have signed up for a 5k run and now I have created a blog to track the next year of my training.  My lovely friends, family and readers are my accountability partners starting right now.

What else has changed?  Well, I bought new shoes.  In an article from couch-to-5k they informed me that running shoes are essential.  So I went down to Fit Right NW and bought myself a stylish pair of running shoes.  I had to inform my dog, Lukah, that his running days are over.  It was a sad day.  I am sorry but I just can't run with a dog who wants to sniff EVERYTHING and who poops twice in 10 minutes.  He's mad at me, but I think he'll get over it.  I downloaded the best APP for runners, bikers and hikers to my iphone.  iMapMyRun (free) is a fantastic tool to have.  Now I know how far I am running and how long.  I realized one hot summer day that the sweat from my forehead really stings my eyeballs and does not feel good while I am running.  So off I went to Sports Authority... and now I am as cool as Al Roker...wearing a head sweat band.  I also realized that not only am I training my legs (heart, arms, etc.) to physically run but I also am training my ears.  I have to figure out what songs motivate me and create the perfectly timed play list for my actual run.

So where am I with the running?  Well today I successfully completed 2.12 miles in 25 minutes.  The last .12 was all up hill.  It was good run today... I can't say that for all runs.  The training method I was using from couch-to-5k (post below) was very helpful up until a few days ago.  I basically jumped from 15 minutes to 19 minutes and then all of a sudden I was running for 25 minutes.  I became more concerned with the fact that I need to hit 3.1 miles before August 22nd so now I am concentrating on distance.  I have 23 days and .98 miles to add.

Problems?  Always.  For some reason I get a side cramp (only on my right side) right before the 1 mile marker.  And now my right foot is falling asleep around the 1.5 mile marker.  My right knee is irritated with me as well.  What is up with my right side??  Any suggestions?

Keep Training,

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Jennifer said...

I am totally going to keep you accountable!! Keep it up girl!