Nationals Update

I come with good news!  It is now a week into February and I have been "training" for my Nationals goal for just over a month now.  First- it's still my goal and I haven't gave up on it.  So that's good news number one.

I swam in a meet at the end of January to see where I currently am with my times.  I had the exact same time in the 100 IM- 1:18.5.  The cut time is a 1:13 and that event just seems to be impossible. I'd have to drop over a second per 25 which if you don't know a lot about swimming is VERY hard. So the 100 IM is one heck of a project.  The 50 fly I dropped a little to a 32.2 which leaves me less than a second to the cut time.  Again that is a lot of time to drop for a 50 but I feel like it's attainable. My biggest race at this meet was my 100 fly.  I dropped five seconds- and that was huge for me.  It was a boost in my confidence and it gave me some hope that Nationals is possible.  I did not get the cut time but instead of having to drop 8 seconds I now have to drop 3 seconds.

Following on the heels of cut times leads me to my third part of good news.  My dear friend Julie has told me that meter cut times (for long course Nationals) are typically easier than yard cut times (for short course Nationals).  That was another boost in confidence- I am hoping if I get some yard cut times that I'll be able to get the meter cut times.  The hard part is I have NO idea what my times are for meters because I never swim in meets during the summer.  That will definitely have to change.

The BEST news is that I have been going to a physical therapist for a month now and it is definitely helping!!!!  My neck and shoulder blade pain is hardly bothering me.  David hasn't had to dig is knuckles into my back for over a month now.  It feels better when I swim.  My range of motion for my neck went from a 50 degrees to 70 degrees.  I got bumped to seeing my PT every other week- but I still have exercises to do every day.  My next visit she's going to go over a weight training plan for me.

What's up next?  Well obviously I am going to continue with PT and whatever she gives me to work on.  I got the okay to add paddles (but not buoys) into my practice.  So I am going to purchase some paddles and fins!  Someone needs to improve their dolphin kick. :)  I might try to do one or two longer events at a March meet- we'll see.  I will definitely swim in the Association meet in April. And then just like that we'll be back to swimming 50 meters and I'll be swimming in my first long course meet since I was in High School.



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