ONE Goal for 2015

I failed at all three of my goals for 2014.

Have you ever read about your astrological sign?  My sign is Aries, the Ram.  The most common personality trait I see when I read about Aries is that we're awful at completing tasks.  Need an idea? I have millions.  Need some creative inspiration?  I could be helpful.  Need to finish an assignment, goal or task?  I am not the woman to call.  I know a lot of people think the astrological signs are hogwash.  I have no idea how or why some of the things they list under Aries (and other signs for that matter) are soooo true.  I suck at completing things.  If you were to ask me what my husband and I argue about more than anything I would tell you that the root of our fights are because I don't finish things... and he's the opposite!  (Check out Libra... dang Scale.)

So yes, I failed at all three of my goals for 2014.  One of them I never even started.  All I wanted to do was keep track of my swimming yardage for the year.  There is a website and an easy to use program too... and I still didn't use it.  Ugh!  It was not part of my "routine" (like I even have a routine- psh).  So I always forgot about it.  Fail!

I wanted to get a tattoo.  I got as far as researching tattoo artists and tattoos.  I contacted one artist and he proceeded to draw me two tattoos.  I wasn't keen on either... and then he broke up with me.  Yes, I got dumped by a prideful tattoo artist.  Excuse me, sir.  It's PERMANENT- if I don't like it, I am not putting it on my body.  Fail!

Why are there no Aqua-Bike's in Oregon and Washington?  Okay... so there are like two.  I wasn't able to make it to one of them and by the time the second one rolled around I hadn't biked hardly at all and was not prepared.  So I did not complete an Aqua-Bike either.  Fail!

I'm awesome.  Go 2014.

I didn't sit around my couch all year.  If one of my goals would have been to hike and camp a lot in the summer I would have nailed that.  If I would listed "Visit Zion" last January- I would have accomplished that.  If I would have wrote down "Get published in Portland Monthly" I would have gladly checked that off my list.  If I would have agreed to swim more and go to more yoga classes- I could have put a big check mark on both of those items.  If I would have simply wrote "Be Happy" or "Do what makes you happy" I would have not wrote "Fail" after that goal.  I had a great year and in the end I am happy and healthy... you can't ask for a lot more.

Can I ask of myself to have ONE goal this year and complete it?  Aubrie- can you seriously put your mind to one...JUST ONE goal this year?

I would like to say "YES!"  Because deep down I feel like I can do this one goal.  However out of all the years that I have wrote down goals, lists and resolutions this one goal will be the hardest one yet. And that in itself puts doubt in my head.   Plus it's a physical goal.  I never know how my body will hold up.  I'm only 32 but I feel like I'm 64. My neck is messed up, my knees kill me sometimes, who know's what is up with my back shoulder blade and man I could use some flexible legs.

I feel like if I trained properly for this goal that some ailments would go away.  Maybe I would find some flexibility in my legs.  Maybe my knees will stop bothering me.  Who knows.  I do know that if I do this I will be sore.  SORE! And tired.  ...Like for the next eight months.   It will also take more time than what I am currently doing exercise wise.  And I will need some support.  Mental support for sure!  I need someone to tell me to not have a lazy week, even if you're on your period.  I'll need someone (and by someone I mean David) to help me put my feet on the floor at 5 AM.  I will need my swimming friends to say... "you can do this."  I need to plan ahead of time and schedule a few meets to see... to see... IF...

I can make it to Nationals.

Master Swimming Nationals for short course will be in Texas at the end of April.  That gives me four months.  Texas sounds more exciting... four months does not.  The long course Nationals will be held in Ohio in August.  That gives me eight months.  I've been to Ohio (umm hello I'm from Indiana) so as far as local it's not exciting... but it would be a lot of fun if my family could come watch.  My original goal is long course, August, Ohio.  We'll see where I am at come March/April for Nationals in Texas.

Yes, you can just go to Nationals in three events with out having the cut time. But where's the challenge in that?  I'd like to get the cut times.  It will be difficult!  Looking at the times for the events I like to swim... I'm like... OMG!

100 IM: My time: 1:18 (1:13 in 2012)  Cut Time: 1:13.59

200 IM: My time: 2:55.03  Cut Time: 2:35.58

400 IM ...I haven't swam it as a master.   Cut Time: 5:44.07

50 Fly: My time: 32.31 (31.16 in 2012)   Cut Time: 31.94  (...This is the only one that seems doable)

100 Fly: My time: 1:20.09   Cut Time: 1:12.15

200 Fly: My time: 3:04.29   Cut Time: 2:45.30

I am a fly'er and IM'er at heart.  But I don't mind backstroke and freestyle. If I go off my 2012 time for the 50 free it's the only cut time I actually have lol.

50 Free: My time (in 2012 mind you): 28.67  Cut Time: 29.14

50 Back: My time: 35.86   Cut Time: 33.84

100 Back:  I haven't swam it as a master.  Cut Time: 1:13.85

I am going to need 8 months.


I wrote the above post a few days ago.  I wanted to get it all out there, write out the cut times and then sit and think about it for a few days.  I've done a lot of day dreaming (I always do).  ...At some point in my day dreams I started a YouTube channel and put video's up of my training every week.  I became an overnight sensation and had a million followers and was asked to be on Ellen.  Ah, the imagination of Aubrie.  What did I decide?  I decided that the cut times are going to be near impossible but that the training for such a task will be wonderful for my body.  I'm going to go for it!

I already took a few steps in the right direction.  I started an ab routine after swim practice.  I've done an ab workout a whole two days in a row!!!  ...And it hurts to sneeze.  I made a doctors appointment to get my shoulder blade issue checked out (and we'll probably have a looksy at the ol' knees too.)  I don't want to injure myself this year.  And last, but not least I started to find some inspiration. Quotes, photos, songs, etc.  I put together my first inspiration board which will hang on my fridge.  I also put a big sign above my bed that says "NATIONALS."  Hopefully that one word will get me out of bed at 5 AM.

Next step is to come up with some sort of dryland, weight, ab, yoga, swimming schedule.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

Wish this Aries good luck- she's going to need it.  And here's to a happy, healthy 2015.

Skipping (or should I now say swimming...)

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