It's The Small Things That Count

Just like my post title read- it is the small things that count.  I'm easily amused and there are a lot of daily things that most people would deem "small" that make me happy.  Happiness has been a theme in the blogger world these past few days.  My friend Macey encouraged everyone to write down ten things that make them happy.  I do what I'm told.

1. I love watching my dog lay outside on the porch, soaking up the sun and being completely content at just watching bugs in the grass.  I can tell he enjoys the sun and in return I enjoy it.

2. Sitcoms.  Although right now I am sad because all the sitcoms I watch have ended and I'm wondering what in the world I am going to watch during my breakfast and lunch.  Suggestions?

3. Rolling down the windows in my Jeep as I cruise around makes me happy.

4. Country music, country radio and country singers bring a smile to my face.

5. Anything to do with polar bears.  Photos, videos, stories, drawings, shirts, mugs, tattoos.  If it has a white bear, I dig it.

6. Tasty leftovers for lunch.  I love opening the fridge and remembering that I either have some take out left over from the night before or some left overs from a tasty dinner I cooked.  It makes choosing my lunch easier and it's less time consuming.  Thank you microwaves.

7. I enjoy my coffee dates after swim practice with my swimming friends.  Typically about once a week (it seems to always land on a Tuesday) I enjoy a cup of coffee from Starbucks and chat with my girls… wet hair, rocking sweatpants.

8. Going to new restaurants really tickles my fancy.  If I had the power (not to mention the time and money) I would always eat at a new restaurant or coffee shop.

9. I like prop shopping for food photo shoots.  It's fun to pop in to antique stores and find some goodies.

10.  Appropriate for this weekend- our annual Memorial Day camping trip makes me happy.  And this year it might make me even more happy because for once we might not get rained on.

I also want to add that the obvious things in my life still make me happy.  I assume you all know that my husband, God, photography, swimming, yoga and my family all bring joy to my life.

What makes you happy?



Catherine said...

What a positive post! Tea makes me happy, especially now that I have a young daughter and I don't always get to enjoy that cup. Now that it's hot out, I've been brewing iced chai tea—delish!

JumpingJE said...

I have the same love for polar bears. This gif is perfect: http://cdn.gifbay.com/2013/09/super_cute_sweet_baby_polar_bear-84679.gif

Melinda Ott said...

Great post! Have fun on your camping trip this weekend!

Erin - Bakery Bingo said...

I totally agree about on #4 and #8! Have a great time camping! Fingers crossed on the weather for you!