Is it better to have a lot of interests and to spread yourself thin or should you pick one (maybe two) things that intrigue you and run with it?

Rodeo's are fun.  I like feeling like I'm part of the crowd that wears real "shit-kickers" and literally shovels... well... I don't have to say the word twice.  I like to wear my own boots, listen to country music and pretend that I know how to bail hay or ride a horse.

Cooking is great.  I like to feed my belly with whatever my taste buds are craving.  I enjoy picking out different recipes and trying to make it look like the picture.  In fact I even want my dinner display to look like a magazine layout.  It never does.  It's really not realistic.  Magazine layouts are misleading.

I should develop a realistic magazine.  I would feature photos of a family at a beach... surrounded by A LOT of other people at the beach.  How often do you go to the beach, lake or river and you are completely by yourself? Like the serene gods were looking after you.  I'll also say in my magazine that it's okay to have a $1 ice cream cone at McDonald's.  They are a $1.  And they are good.  It's realistic.

I really want to write a novel.  One of those romance novels that when you read it you think... I could have wrote that.  Because, really, maybe you could... which is why I should try to.  I'm  horrible at writing.  Maybe I should take a writing class first.

I love wine.  I really love wine tasting.

I went kayaking and rock climbing for the first time this summer.  I really enjoyed both of these outdoor activities.  Should I add this to hiking, backpacking and camping?  Maybe I should actually go backpacking before I tack that on to the list.  Just because my husband did it does not mean I'm a backpacker.  I should go kayaking again soon.

I truly wish I could travel... a lot.  A lot more!  I want to do home swaps and ride bikes in Europe.  Seriously can I photograph a polar bear already?  Have you seen the Grand Canyon?  I haven't.

Yoga is fabulous for my body.  I dig it.  I should do it everyday.  I also should swim every day since I want to swim at Nationals in May.  I miss my bike.

I would like to listen to talk radio more.  Read the news.  Read more books.  I lovvve movies and games.  Maybe I should finish reading through the five magazines I have right now.

Should I even touch on Photography?  ...I feel like that is another blog in of itself.

Do you do it all?  Or do you do one very well?

At this time, I do it all... and I do it all in the ugliest of fashions.  But, I truly enjoy myself.


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