Eleven to Twelve

The first week of January is always bittersweet.  A lot of people, including myself, tend to look back at the year that has passed with sweet memories most of which will never occur again.  We also look towards the year to come with anticipations, goals and a hopeful heart that we can top the previous year.

I had a great year and I wanted to recap some of my favorite moments.  Of course doing it in a list fashion, because I dig lists.  A lot of people go with "Top 10" but I find it only appropriate to do my list of "Top 11" moments for 2011... in no particular order....

1. Memorial Day Camping Trip.  Not only was the camping trip a lot of fun but we met some lovely people at this camping trip that are now dear friends.

2. State Champs!  My first year coaching high school swimming was a lot of fun.  To be honest I really had nothing to do with our boys winning state, but I was happy to be part of the team and I was very proud of Adam (head coach) and our hard-working boys.

3. Nutcracker. At the ripe age of 29 I finally saw my first performance of the Nutcracker.  David and I watched the Oregon Ballet perform this wonderful Christmas tradition at the Keller auditorium.

4. 3-Year-Anniversary.  We might not have done anything HUGE for this anniversary but just having another year with my wonderful husband is grand enough to be on this list.

5. Hawaii.  David and I took a trip to Kauai in March with my parents.  It. Was. Awesome.

6. Triathlon.  I competed in my first sprint triathlon.

7. La Grande.  We celebrated 4th of July in La Grande with friends, wine tasting, steak dinner, hiking and fireworks.

8. Josh Radin.  I love him and his concerts.  The Starks and I saw Josh perform in March at the Crystal Ballroom.  Always a good time... Josh Shot.

9. 1859.  This year was a big year for my editorial work.  December 2011 was actually my first publication in this magazine... July was my first photo story and coming up....

10. Eagle Lake.  My husband got his first full taste of summer in Indiana.  My favorite part was spending the day at my uncle's lake house.  We celebrated my nephew's first birthday, went jet-skiing and I went tubing with my sister.  It reminded me of past summers in Indiana and was a great time spent with the best family ever.

11. Carpet!  Ahhhh, we finally got new carpet in our house.  It looks and smells so much better.  :)

I am looking forward to 2012.  Every year brings new memories to cherish and new goals to check off your list.  I have a few of each in mind so to go with the mantra I have for this blog post I thought I would write a list of 12 things I'm either looking forward to or that I would like to accomplish this year.

1. Turning 30!!!  Maybe I'm not looking forward to turning 30 and saying goodbye to my 20's (because my 20's were spectacular) but I think the celebration will probably be a good one this year. ;)

2. Swimming.  I joined a masters swim team, The Barracudas.  I am excited to be on a swim team again, to get back into shape and to race in a few swim meets this year.

3. Family Visit.  This is actually happening in less than a week... my mom and my aunt Lee Ann are coming for a week to visit.  It should be a fun girl time... and interesting too because it's January and you have to creative with things to do in Portland in the winter.

4. Drive Better.  My husband will probably poop his pants when he reads this.  I would like to allow myself enough time to get to my location and not be in such a rush that I drive like a ding-bat.

5. Pinterest.  What?  I can't have a goal involving the latest and greatest website?  LOL!  Seriously though I think the site allows to create, make, bake, purchase or do a lot of things that maybe you wouldn't think of yourself.  So my goal is to do 12 things that I find from Pinterest.

6. Triathlon.  I would like to compete in another triathlon or maybe even try an aquathon out as well.

7. Crazy Love.  It's a book my sister got me for Christmas.  I'm going to read it.

8. Chicago Wedding.  My college best friend is getting married in Chicago this July.  I'm excited to witness this great occasion and be at a wedding in the middle of the summer that I'm not responsible for the photography.  To sit back and relax during a wedding is an odd thing but I'm looking forward to it.  (Plus another trip to the windy city!)

9. Rafting!  David and I have two types of rafts/boats.  One is a blow-up kayak and the other is a raft-boat type of deal.  Anyway I would like to actually put them in the water and use the heck out of them this summer!  Plus I would like to go white water rafting this year (Rogue??)

10. Roads.  My Oregon map looks better and better every year.  This year I have a few specific roads I would like to mark off.  Highway 228-20 starting in Sweet Home and going to Black Butte Ranch area is one and the other is Highway 126 staring in Springfield and going to Belknap Springs area.

11. 1859!  ...and my first Front Cover!  My first front cover will come out in January, it should be on the stands any day now.  I'm looking forward to seeing the magazine and of course shooting this whole year with 1859.

12. Magazines/Photo Biz.  I would like to get into at least one more major magazine this year.  I really enjoy the work that the Columbia Gorge magazine produces and Sip NW magazine.  Those two are both on my list for sure.  Do you think Sunset magazine is ready for this girl yet?  I am looking forward to this year with my photography business.  It's growing and it's making more money- yay.  I had 6 weddings booked before the new year and I hoping to grab a few more.  It's going to be a great year in the photo world!

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stamper2 said...

Looking forward to your attempt at #4~ At age 30....it's ABOUT TIME!