About WHAT?

Why is it easier to just write when it's a blog rather than starring at a "New Document" from Word.  It's like this blank white screen looking back at you and saying "Ya.. I'm waiting...Show me what you got." The blank white screen sits empty.  Obviously this was the case for me...it was the case like 10 seconds ago and then I decided to open up a blog post and here I am typing away.

It's probably because this doesn't really matter.  I mean I could type about kittens on this thing and it's not going to affect a single thing.  What I am trying to write is my "About" page for my website/business.  Writing about myself is the easiest subject as far as gathered information but it's the hardest topic to write about because it's personally connected.  Sure, I can write all day long on random things that I enjoy.  Like... have you seen the Big Bang Theory?  It's hilarious.  I don't really think my clients want to know what television shows I find amusing though.

What do they want to know?  Or better yet... what do I want them to know? What points do I want to get across to them so they understand my photography better.  What do I want them to read so that they can decide if what I will provide to them will fit what they want.  I am selling photography and that's the first thing they'll look at, sure, but I am also selling me.  So I need to provide information about me that's relevant to my photography.  I'm not really interested in telling them that I have a B.A. in Photojournalism or that I am a member of WPJA or that I've never won any big awards.  (Of course we're going to leave that last part out.) I'll mention the first two things but that's not what I want them to understand.  I want them to read about my style, I want them to read about my personality.  I want those two things to mesh with the photographs they see on my blog/website.

I'd like to tell them that by hiring me you've just purchased a story teller.  I want to tell their story.  If they are a happy-go-lucky couple that can't stop laughing, then I want to capture that.  If they grew up on a farm in Oregon and love riding tractors with their fiance, then I want to show that.  If their little girl is so spontaneous and can't sit down for anything then I don't want to make her sit down... and I want them to know that before they hire me.  I don't want to sound harsh though when I explain how I shoot.  I mean how do I tell someone; "We should take your newborn photos at your house because that's your baby's first home, not a studio.  I don't care that your baby room is not properly decorated to fit Martha Stewart's standards.  This is you.  This is your home.  This is your life, your story.  Let's document it in a fun and heart-warming way.  Let's capture you...not a page out of a magazine."  If I said just that- would that sound too crash?

I want my "about" page to have two categories.  The first is my photography and the second is me.  So I'm trying to figure out what exactly I need to say to portray myself in the correct manner so that they get me and yet still feel like I'm a professional.  I mean I'm not stuffy or very bossy... in fact I'm very easy-going.  I want them to know that because that will never change.  But I don't want them to get the idea that I am so happy-go-lucky that I won't pay attention to what is going or that I'm too flighty that I will miss something big.  I want them to know that I will give direction to a point... but I'm never going to over pose them because that's not me.

Hmmmm.... should I return back to my empty word document?  *Sigh*


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