5 Random Things You Did Not Need To Know

Hmmmm... I don't have a lot to say.  But I did want to say these 5 random things...

1. I don't understand why companies use extremely thin and tall models to show us clothes we should buy for ourselves.  Especially when most women are about 5'4-5'7.  Why can't we get models that are similar to our size so that we could actually tell if the clothes will look good on us or not.

2. I am feeling very crafty and DIY lately.  Of course I haven't done anything crafty yet... but I keep coming up with all these crazy ideas.  For instance- I want to redecorate my entire house using only things I currently own now or can find for free.  I blame Pinterest for this idea.

3. I have a very good feeling that I will be doing some type of photography project for 2012.  (Think back to 2010 with my "52 Weeks of Photography.)  I've had a lot of ideas... one of my ideas that keeps coming up is "85 Images with my 85mm."  We'll see what I come up with... but I am already looking forward to doing another project like that.  If you would like to check out a "recap" of my 52 Weeks I did in 2010 click here.

4. So you go on a diet... then you miss all your food and have a major cheating weekend/s in a row... then you miss the diet and can't wait to get back to eating rabbit food again.  Interesting how that works, yes?

5. Yoga!  Go to yoga,Aubrie. It's good for you.  In fact... go tomorrow at 8:00 AM.  Or ELSE!

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