I am a Triathlete!

Well, I am a triathlete.  I survived my first triathlon with flying colors... I even went under my 2 hour goal! Everything worked out and I truly enjoyed the race.  I was able to warm-up and get use to the water, the weather cooperated and my bike did not get a flat.  My husband was there cheering me on along with my two friends Daniel and Lindsay Stark.  (Thanks guys!  And thanks to Daniel we have some photos!)

The water was freezing, 61 degrees.  The swim was a little chaotic, but not as bad as I am sure some people have experienced.  The bike ride was perfect, it was the easiest of the three.  Quite enjoyable actually.  The run... ahh, the run.  The transition from bike to run was a little hard on my legs.  Then I got use to it around 1.5 miles and started to push a little harder.  The last part of the run was HARD.  I kept thinking I was almost done (because people kept telling me that as they cheered lol).  I couldn't see the finish line and it seemed like 100 miles away.  But I kept digging and once I saw that big "Finish" sign I was so happy I completed the triathlon.  The announcer said "And here is #32, Aubrie LeGault, coming in with a big smile on her face because she knows she's done!"

There were 483 sprint triathletes.
Swim (1/2 mile):   16:56   160th/483
T1: 6:50
Bike (12 miles):     44:04   415th/483
T2: 3:39
Run (3.1 miles):    34:10   449th/483

Overall: 401st/483
My Division (24-29 years old) : 18th... out of 19!  Yes, I got second to last in my age group.  lol.  The good news was that if I was one year older I would've done much better.  Dang youngins.

There is definitely room for improvement!  And the question that everyone always asks... are you going to do another one?  Why, of course!  I am signing up for a mini triathlon on July 20th at Hag Lake.  (It's called a "training triathlon" more so for practice.)  And then I will do the blue lake triathlon again at the end of the tri season in September.

Here are a couple of photos.  (David was the only one that got a swim photo on his phone, so I'll have to post them later if I ever get his phone attached to the computer.)  Thanks to everyone for their support, encouraging words and prayers!  I did it!!!

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