Running, Running... Running in the Sun!

I am officially on the home-stretch.  This is my last week of running before I do the 5k race.  Two mile runs are actually "easy" for me... in the sense that I can put on the shoes, stretch the calves and run with out stopping with out too many difficulties.  However I do not advise running when it's 98 degrees out in the middle of a sunny day.  I did this a few days ago and thought I was going to die about .2 into my run.  I think I got so hot and sweaty that my body started to feel cold, I felt dizzy at one point too.  I was going to stop a my 1.5 marker.  I was listening to "Lie in My Grave" by DMB, which I thought was a perfect song for how I was feeling.  I told myself that if my favorite little song to run to came on next I would finish the run.  Of course the song came on next (I typically listen to my play lists on shuffle).  So "Kids" by MGT brought me through the home stretch to the 2 mile marker.  I thought for sure I was super slow, but I actually got like a few seconds faster!  hahaha.

I had to make a little chiropractic appointment yesterday to fix a little kink in my lower back.  It was feeling better today so I thought I would try to hit the 3.1 miles again.  (It has now cooled off and is even cloudy today- Thank God!)  My thought was that I would run though the neighborhood behind me to mix things up a bit, that way I don't know how far I have ran and will keep going.  (It's all about mind games.)  I also thought the neighborhood was going to be super flat... I was super wrong!  To make a long story short I some how managed to get pretty far away and "lost" while running.  I found a cool trial to run on though and it's a short-cut into town.  Well my entire trip ended up being over 4.5 miles (my tracker paused for 5 minutes while I talked to my sister).  I ran/walked for an hour today.  Did you actually think I ran all 4.5 miles?  Around the 2.45 mile marker I was starring at a big hill and my right foot was sleeping (again) so I decided to walk a little.  I ran again at the 2.8 marker until the 3.6 and then I walked the rest of the way home.  So all in all I got a 3.1 run in there somewhere.

...What am I going to do about my right foot falling asleep?  It's not fun!  I wonder if it's because my right calve is soo tight.  Hmmm....

4 Days Left!  Keep Training,

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