Simple & Sweet | 2014 Goals

Apparently I only blogged three posts this year.  I think it's easy to say that my "personal" blog does not receive as much attention as my photography blog.  I guess I didn't have a lot of things to get off my chest this year as I have had in the past.  This blog is basically here for when I need to unleash some thoughts, list random things I've been thinking about or set goals.  We all know what category this post falls into… after all it is December 31st.

The past two years I have listed a number of goals equal to the year.  So for 2012 I had twelve goals and for 2013 I had thirteen goals.  Guess what I am going to do for 2014??!  … No, I'm not doing 14 goals.  This is going to sound really sad but every year I look back at my goals and I don't accomplish at lot of them. It's not that I didn't accomplish anything, I think it's more that you don't know what will happen in a year and going with the flow is more my style.  This year is simple.  Three things I want to do in 2014.

1. Get my tattoo.  And when I say "my" I mean the one I have thought about, designed in my head and actually wanted now for awhile.  Not just any tattoo but the one I am ready to get now.  It will be on my left arm just below the elbow crease, facing me… the tattoo is for me.  (Does anyone have a a tattoo artist they recommend?  I want someone that is good and not scary lol.)

2. AQUA-BIKE!!!  It's now been on my goal list for two years… third year is a charm. I'm doing one.
I am looking into doing one in July in Bend, Oregon. http://www.deschutesdash.com

3. On the heels of the previous goal… I am on a masters swim team.  It's been about two years now believe it or not.  A lot of the swimmers keep track of their yardage on the USMS website… it's called a FLOG or Fitness Log.  I finally signed up and I am going to keep track my yardage, yoga and biking (you can pretty much keep track of any fitness activity.)  I don't have a set goal in mind as far as reaching a certain amount of yards or miles… first I need to get into the habit of logging.

And that's it folks.  Not a lot of pressure for 2014.  I always strive to be a good photographer, increase my business and I want to continue working on editorial and food photography.  My photo career is past an every year resolution, it's a lifetime goal.  I'm tired of reading books I don't like so I am over the whole "read classics" idea.  I know David and I will hike, bike, kayak and camp as much as our schedules allow us to- so I don't need to pick a certain amount we should accomplish.  And thankfully I think we found a good church we can call home for awhile so the spiritual growth is on an upwards mend.  Amen.  ;)   So that's it.  2014- here we come!

Happy New Years!



Macey Snelson said...

Love this post! I want to join you for the aquaride! I'm totally serious about this. We can train together sometimes and everything! (if you don't mind me joining in on your goal that is.)

Tiffany said...

Nice post! I just checked out the aquaride...I'm very curious now! Cheers! Tiffany

Elizabeth H said...

Yay! Fitness FLOG! And a tattoo!!!!Depending on what you want, I can hook you up with someone good!