No Rhyme or Rhythm

Wowser.  I haven't posted since the beginning of the year.  I guess you can tell that my other two photography blogs are taking up my blog time.  (Since I'm a photographer I'll call that a good thing.)

I have like 10 minutes before I am suppose to leave for a yoga lesson.  There is like a hundred things I could probably do with my ten minutes, but today I decided to write down a bunch of random things that have crossed my brain in the last few weeks.  There is no rhyme or rhythm to this post... so I'm assuming I'll have a hard time titling it.  Here we go.

1. Have you seen Tiger Seals?  I mean seriously... these animals are sublime, awesome, superb, ridiculous all came to my mind right then.  I'm not sure if any of those adjectives really describe these sea creatures- but I bet if  you haven't seen one yet you're going to google it right now.

2. People need to roll their car windows down more.  Fresh air is good plus it just makes you feel more alive.  Roll your windows down and stop spoiling yourself with AC.  (You must also listen to your music loud if your windows are rolled down... unless you are playing like Rap or R&B then you have my permission to roll the windows back up and stay away from my truck.)

3. I heard something the other day- in the first five minutes of talking to a new person you can determine their values.  They will more than likely discuss or somehow pop-into the conversation what is important to them.  For instance if they talk about their kids, obviously the value family.  If they talk about their career then they really value their job.  Interesting, I thought.  What would your top three things be in a five minute conversation?  These are mine:
              1. God (I'll be the first to admit that one is not easy to throw in when talking to a new person.)
              2. My husband/dog/family
              3. Photography Career

4. Crap my 10 minutes is already up and I'm not done unleashing.  ...How was googling the seals?

5. Orbitz Strawberry Remix gum is better than Extra Dessert Delights Strawberry Shortcake.

6. I can drive for five hours straight (well, with a pee break) simply by listening to music.  I love making new "mixes" for road trips.  I went to La Grande this weekend and made a pretty hefty one called "Country Car Ride."  I won't list all the songs on the mix because I believe it's like 3+ hours worth of songs (and no that's not even close to all my country songs.)  I will rattle off a few new favorites I downloaded.... 1. "Over When It's Over" by Eric Church.  2. "Nashville With Out You" by Tim McGraw. 3. "Chillin' It" by Cole Swindell.  4. "I Wanna Be That Feeling" by Bucky Covington (his name is cool too.)  5. "Runnin' Out of Moonlight" by Randy Houser.  6. "Tip it Back" by Florida Georgia Line.  7. "Backwoods" by Justin Moore.  8. "Drivin' Around Song" by Colt Ford.

7. I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong era (I probably should've been in my 20's-30's in the 60s-70s) and in the wrong part of the country (I should've been born in like Tennessee, Georgia or Texas.)

8. I love the outdoors.  I love it when I'm hiking.  I need to spend more time outdoors.  I really need to go on one of those crazy outdoor photography workshops.

9.  I wonder how Veterans and military people feel about how we celebrate Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  I actually went camping with two Marines over Memorial Day and we discussed it a little bit.  I know we don't celebrate it the proper way- but I also think it makes them proud that we have our freedom to celebrate however we want, even if it is just grilling hot dogs.

10. It's crazy to think about one decision or choice in your life would've put you on an entire different path.  That if you would have made one decision differently you might not be sitting where your sitting,  living in the state your living in or married to the guy your married to.  For the record I'm perfectly fine with all three- but it's crazy to think about "If I would've done this... where would I be?"  I often wonder what I'd be doing or where I'd be living if I would've become a white-water-rafting guide.

My time is REALLY up now.  Until next time, keep skipping.

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stamper2 said...

I bet you were late to Yoga!