Spring Sucks.

It's like watching paint dry.


...Waiting for the rain to stop. For the sun to peek through the clouds... and stay.  Waiting for the 40 degree days to turn into 75 degree days.  Waiting.

March, April, May- they are actually pretty brutal months here in Oregon.  Honestly Spring is probably the worst season in the Northwest, to me at least.  Fall is actually pretty nice, you're to that point where seeing the rain is refreshing, the colors change and that's always a sight to see and you look forward to comfy vests and sitting by the fireplace.  Winter actually has some excitement, a little snow, maybe some snowboarding and of course the holidays.  ...And then it hits. Spring.  I am sure in a lot of other wonderful places around the world Spring is great.  Here in the Northwest it basically means we sit by the window and watch the rain continue to drown our spirits.  We start to daydream...

I day dream of summer days.  If you could peek into my head you would see a thousand cliche "movie" clips.  You know the type of montages that show road trips, driving with a convertible along 101, spinning in circles with your lover on the beach, camping under the stars, and on and on I could go.  I daydream and listen to music that reminds me of the summer, a lot of country tunes.

"To this day when I hear that song
I see you standin' there on that lawn
Discount shades, store bought tan
Flip flops and cut-off jeans

Somewhere between that setting sun
I'm on fire and born to run
You looked at me and I was done
And we're, we're just getting started

I was singin' to you, you were singin' to me
I was so alive, never been more free
Fired up my daddy's lighter and we sang

Stayed there 'til they forced us out
And took the long way to your house
I can still hear the sound of you sayin' don't go

When I think about you, I think about 17
I think about my old jeep
I think about the stars in the sky
Funny how a melody sounds like a memory
Like the soundtrack to a July Saturday night

- "Springsteen" by Eric Church

I look forward to driving in my hot car, windows down because I have no air conditioner (actually, I prefer windows anyway).  I look forward to going to the beach and not having to wear a coat.  I look forward to camping...and sweating not shivering.  I look forward to the SUN!  Sunsets, sunrises.  Taking photos of sunsets and sunrises.  Oh God, I look forward to Rainer Cherries and when the vegetable/fruit tent opens up down the street.  Green beans straight out of the garden, BLT's with fresh tomatoes.  SUN TEA!  Sitting on my back porch with my black lab tanning his hide while I read.  I can't wait to play Frisbee.  Drink some cold white wine or check out a brewery and sit outside.  

It's painful.  Even if we get a very small taste of nice weather, here in Oregon we know that it won't officially stay until at least mid June...sometimes even July.  Considering that it is only March 15th... we have awhile to go.  *Sigh*  But when that summer hits, all these rainy days are so worth it.  Here in the Northwest we live through the rain for those three amazing months of perfect weather, awesome food, beautiful beaches, excellent hikes, tasty beer and wine and, believe it or not, SUN.  

I can't wait. 

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