Regrets & Randomness

So I am waiting for David Letterman's show tonight.  No, I don't typically do this.  However when both guests intrigue me are on one show than I guess I'll burn the midnight oil.  The first guest is purely for pleasure- Robert Pattinson.  Yes, I read all the Twilight books and I've seen all the movies.  But I also enjoy his music and all of his other movies as well.  Plus he's funny.  The second guest is Annie Leibovitz one of the most famous photographers of our time.  It will be very interesting to see what her and David (Ball State is his alma mater by the way) chat about.

Instead of sitting in front of the tube I thought I would waste my time else where.  It seems like only once in a great while I get the chance to simply play on the Internet.  You know, scan through pins, read blogs and post blogs (like this one). So that's exactly what I'm doing.  That Pinterest is addicting!


So this is one of those posts that are random.  Just so you know.

I've had a few thoughts today.  Like... who watches Jerry Springer?  I mean, really?  I would like to meet that person who still watches that ridiculous show and....slap them.


I had an ex boyfriend that once told me something about not having regrets.  I wish I could remember the exact "quote" he used, but I can't.  I wonder if he regrets breaking-up with me?  (ironic-humor for you.) Anyway I can't help to at least think about a few things that I regret. And I'm not talking about the type of regret that makes me sick to my stomach but I do wonder how my life would have changed if _________ fill in the blank.

______ Fill in the blank: I regret not swimming my senior year.  I was voted to be captain by EVERYONE and my coach made that perfectly clear to me.  Yet I decided that my swimming career was finished, probably because I started when I was six and my body was done.  Instead I was motivated by my softball team winning state my junior year...I sat on the bench for that game.  I was not going to sit on the bench for any game my senior year.  So my dad and I spent the winter pitching in a gym.  I have mixed feelings about my decision.  I probably should have fought through my senior year and swam... not for me, but for my team.  But I also had some bonding time with my dad that year.  I don't think the decision I made affected my future. I didn't do either sport in college so I'm pretty sure that "regret" had no affect on where I am today or where I could have been tomorrow.

_____ Fill in the blank:  The other regret I think about from time to time is moving to Portland, Oregon right out of college.  I had an internship at the Muncie Star Press as a photojournalist.  I did the internship to graduate.  What I should have probably done is sought out another internship...anywhere.  Most photojournalists have more than one internship and they move around a lot in the beginning of their career.  I moved. Once. To Oregon.  It sounds like I regret my move to Oregon and that couldn't be further from the truth.  I LOVE OREGON.  But I wonder if my photography career would look a lot different if I would have ventured into another internship.  The thing about this regret is I'm almost positive that it would have impacted my life and I would not be where I am today.  Which means I wouldn't be married to David.  And that thought in itself is enough to tell me that I shouldn't regret that decision at all.


I want to come up with a new product to "display" wedding photos.  The journalist side of me wants to create some sort of publication that is all about the couple and their wedding day.  I'm thinking like a magazine-type layout.  With an actual word story and (of course) a lot of photographs.  A wedding-zine.  Hmm... I'll have to think it through.  Don't steal my idea now.  -Copyrighted!  lol


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