Well triathlon season has officially come to an end.  I completed two triathlons, one with a lower-back problem.  I just finished taking one week off to heal my lower back and I am ready to begin my off-season training.  I always find that if I share my plans I will tend to keep them, using this little blog post as a way to keep myself accountable.

I've been paying for my gym membership and really the only thing I used it for during tri season was to swim.  Occasionally I would go to a cycle class if the weather was not cooperating.  A few weeks before my second triathlon I started to go to a body works class.  Other than that, LA Fitness really hasn't seen me much and is pretty much just sucking unused dollars out of my bank account.  So I plan to correct that and make every penny count.

Here is my "PLAN"

Monday: Swim!
Tuesday: Cycle Class @ 9:15 AM
Wednesday: Yoga @ 8:30 AM
Thursday: Body Works Plus Abs @ 8:30
Friday: Off
Saturday: Run! (Or doing a pretty good hike.)
Sunday: Off

I would like to get stronger and more flexible during the off season.  Work on my abs so I can protect that lower back of mine.  I would like to swim, run and cycle (class counts) once a week to keep all three in shape.

I am also thinking about buying a little journal to document what I am eating.  I've counted calories before with an iPhone app, which that worked out for the most part.  It could be more convenient than an actual hand written journal, but I guess I'll see.  I more want to document everything I am eating and if in a month or two I have not seen any change in my body (positive change!) than I may consider talking to a nutritionist to see what I need to change.  (Which I am sure I could use a lot of change, really!)

Anyone is welcomed to join me in the pool or at any of the classes I will attend.  I would be happy to have a work-out partner.  I found the one time that I ran with my friend my 3 miles went by faster and we're easier so if anyone wants to run on Saturday mornings with me, please let me know.

Here's to always working towards a healthier lifestyle.



Lindsay Stark said...

You can do it Aubs. Go for 2 cardios and 3 strength trainings per week. My trainer friend sent me an eating plan that I "follow" (mostly) if you want to take a peek. She is hardcore though so I have to modify for my lifestyle but the main idea is eating clean. Healthy fats, protein, veggies. Time to renew your Real Simple subscription! :)

L said...

I'm bummed that none of your classes are ones that I try to get to! Although I might start trying to get to yoga more often & Wednesday morning might be a good day for that. I usually do the 9:45 AM classes, Step and Kickbox Cardio (which you should totally try if you want a kick-butt workout!) I haven't been in the gym much at all since summer (finally) arrived, but this week I'm headed back in! Gotta get back in the groove. I need the accountability too.

angellamashell said...

I'm down for the BodyWorks class! And running/hiking on Saturdays is an intermittent possibility:)